2 thoughts on “Trump NH Rally 2/10/20”

  1. Took my son to the Trump rally in Manchester on Feb 10. I’ve been to loads of rock concerts (ELO, Go Go’s, AC/DC, Queen, Guns n’ Roses, Cheap Trick, McCartney & Wings, etc), major sports competition (Red Sox – Yankees games can be ridiculous!) campaign rallies, college crazy pep rallies… I can honestly say I have NEVER seen and experienced ANYTHING like what I saw Monday night. Almost 12,000 (seat capacity is 11,770) in the arena, and (reportedly) nearly 20,000 watching outside on big screens – IN NEAR-FREEZING RAIN. When Trump took the stage, the seats were literally shaking! I don’t usually get all that ginned up about celebrities, politicians, etc, but that couple hours was about as electric as anything I’ve been in EVER. My 15 year-old LOVED it. Love him or hate him, Trump is a ROCK STAR and master marketer!

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