Welcome to the GOP 67/290 site

Let me be absolutely clear.  Unlike the “Drive-By” media and Fake News (too many of them to name without having to call the San Francisco “poop patrol”) who lie, weaving their tales that they’re fair and tell the truth from all sides, this is a COMPLETELY partisan website.  You will NOT get all sides of the argument here.  We have no interest in walking on the hot coals of “political correctness” nor are we interested in any real balance.  We don’t want to offend, but we will NOT bow to the SNOWFLAKE mentality, where the term, “chink in the armor” can get you fired (remember?).  SCREW THAT. This site exists to persuade you to help us succeed in our mission to vote in GOP SUPER MAJORITIES into both houses of Congress to support a GOP President.  Let’s be honest: it’s now the only way to SAVE AMERICA.

Simply put, the Democrats have lost their minds. Off the rails. Trump deranged. Anti Founding Fathers. They want to destroy the freedoms that have made America great. They want to break the spirit of entrepreneurship. They don’t even want to “lead from behind” anymore – they want to be the toilet paper that wipes the asses of countries that hate us, and give them BILLIONS of dollars for the honor. They are unhinged.  They are delusional.  Pelosi showed us the night of February 4, 2020 by tearing up the House copy of the SOTU, signed by The President, that political civility is no longer an option.  Democrats can no longer be reasoned with.  They have lost their way.  We should not be angry with them; we should pity them. So let’s not waste our efforts trying to convince them to come back to the freedom and glory of the American experiment.  Let’s not incite violence or intimidation.  Let’s use our most powerful weapons: THE TRUTH and THE VOTE. If we want to help our duly elected President KEEP AMERICA GREAT®, there is only one way to do it – only one way to SAVE AMERICA. WE MUST VOTE.

“We get the government we deserve” (Sean Hannity). Over the coming election cycles, let us together climb the mountain, pursue the “promised land” – 67 GOP Senators and 290 GOP Representatives. On November 3rd, we climb…